Custom board designs

The Seaflower

Fully oil painted

Maybe one of the most rewarding things for an artist is to give form to the most spontaneous of ideas.

In this case, the grab handle fitting in the shark's mouth speaks for itself.

Surprisingly, this board is extremely noticable from afar due to the bright blue contours and center jellyfish heart.

The Viking

Painted with white watercolor on black background.

This black-and-white rendering will provide you with the most stylish board of the entire beach.

The semi-realistic approach avoids overloading the viking with unnecessary details - as is often the case in popular art.

The beauty of this painting lies within that you can recognise all the materials on his body simply thanks to the nuance of light, shading and texture.

Your own portrait

as "mermaid"

Oil painted and drawn with pen.

To paint your portrait in epic board proportions, all we need is just a clear picture of you!

This can be done in any art style: for example oil painted nighttime and lively pop art daytime.

A board with two sides, two personalities...

Rose Compass

The rose is oil painted, the black elements are drawn with pen.

A purified and delicate design, where the rose compass compensates for the more intricate form on the other side.

The wood of the board gets the spotlight as well by almost not adding any color; just as if tattooed on skin.


Fully oil painted.

Notice how the elements around the skull are used to tone down its aggressivity. 

Maybe above all else, this board illustrates how any graphic idea can be accomplished, no matter how complicated.

As far our imagination carries us!

Kiter's life

Drawn and filled with marker.

A fun and light-hearted theme, created with a caricature-based style.

This technique lends itself well to a broad spectrum of ideas, from (auto-)portaits to simple comic book fun.

Lineart forms the tool of choice, executed over a simplified and roughly applied color spectrum.

Dragons of the Deep

One side is drawn with pencil and the other painted with gouache.

Inspired from real footage, this sarcastically humourous portrait is only so slightly altered from the actual fish.

Pencil is the tool of choice to create a fitting "old and dirty" look to this fictional artwork, with some interesting textures and finishes.


Painted with gouache.

Once taken out of the dark, our phobias in life may not be that big and scary after all.

As with all designs, any idea can find its accomplishment out of a creative mind.

Painting this is a lot of fun, with both sides counterbalancing each other in color scheme and light.

The Maya

Painted with dry gouache.

Inspired from South American ancient and contemporary art, these colorful motives mimic the luxuriant nature of these cultures both in color and detail.

As you watch it from a distance, notice the eagle, orchids and three Mayan alphabet letters.

The many creatures that habit this ecosystem largely own their form to ancient Maya and Aztec art with their typical fragmented use of color and shape.


Drawn with pencil.

Painting could be defined as understanding how the perception of our surroundings is formed out of the physics of light and matter, and then skillfully remodeling this knowledge into color and shape.

Even the simplest idea can thus look appealing thanks to a clever choice of color composition.

And of course, just as with our own perception, a personal approach is what makes it complete.

Coconut crab

Entirely drawn with pencil.

Letting go of color saturation, this creation carefully counterbalances every dark and light element within the canvas.

The result is a mild, poetic depiction of the unlikely tree-climbing crab, within the beauty of its habitat.

The background motives are largely inspired from Hawaiian pattern art and subtly portray the actual arthropod.

The resplendent quetzal

Oil painted quetzal with gouache background

When emphasising a central subject, the backgound plays a vital role in doing so effectively.

This design thereby carefully balances light with darkness, as well as traditional with modern style.

Overcrowding is also avoided, thus giving this board a first-class look from afar.