FAQ custom kiteboards

  1. How much does a custom design cost?

    Although every creation is handpainted and unique, varying the difficulty level for the graphic artist, the price stays the same for every project. € 495 includes the full board top and bottom graphic design, custom G10 fins (color, size and type) and home delivery.

    Sending us your ideas for a project assessment (time to complete, graphic discussion) is completely free of charge!

  2. How are the designs made?

    Every design is 100% handpainted by the artist using the latest digital tools to assure a personal, yet modern result and ultimate versatility. Designs are 100% AI and photoshop free, never made by copying, working on or putting together already existing materials. In one sentence; everything is created from scratch! Discover the results in the Portfolio.

  3. What's your deadline?

    At the start of every project, a deadline is fixed depending on the difficulty of the particular design. Usually, it is set about two weeks from the agreement of the project.

  4. When applying for a custom board design, do I get a unique creation?

    Yes, absolutely! Every custom design indeed is, a custom design. If you're fond of some specific in-house design, the graphic elements can be reused or the full painting can be altered to match your wishes. Either way, the end result is always unique.

  5. Are the colors accurate once printed?

    Yes; the colors you see on screen are printed the same, with only negligible variation. More details on Included features, under "Print color accuracy".

  6. Do the colors stay bright over time on boards?

    Absolutely on Saul Custom Boards! Built-in and protected by a covering exterior layer, the graphics stay safe from UV and other external damage factors. Even if you scratch your board while riding, the exterior layer takes the damage while your graphic layer stays 100% intact.

  7. How does the delivery take place?

    Saul Custom boards are home delivered. If you choose another board brand, our graphic creations are delivered in any applicable digital format of choice online. For boards see question nr 8.

  8. Do you also build the custom boards?

    We provide the graphic service and are in partnership with a top-notch board manufacturing company to build the custom boards directly with our design on them. In this case, we take care of everything for you and the board is home delivered.