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About Saul Custom boards

Passion… Passion for wind, water, waves, movement… Desire to enjoy every moment of freedom, feel the nature, smell the ocean, merge with the power of wind and water, rip the waves, not thinking about how to control the board.. All this brought me here, made me who I am now..

After years of shaping, drawing, experimenting with various materials, improving, innovating, and most important ­- testing, not only by myself, but by riders all over the world, in different spots, different conditions, on various surfaces, different wake parks and obstacles – I proudly present to you Saul Custom boards.

If you wish to use our graphic art for a custom kiteboard, Aguarta takes care of everything for you.

Eager to know why we chose Saul Custom Boards?

Stationed in "Europe's wind capital" Tarifa, our board construction partner adheres to the standards of handcrafted, unbreakable premium quality boards.

Once you've tried one, you fall in love with it...

Please contact us directly as to the board options.