Included features

Custom Aguarta fins option

Included in the custom board graphic project price is the possibility to customize your board even further by choosing custom Aguarta G10 fin colors, shapes and sizes.

Each of the four fin colors can be chosen independently, giving you total freedom to nicely complete the graphics in style!

Last but not least, fine tune your board's performance with your own fin type and size!

Contact us to make your choice or for more information.

Printed color accuracy

At Aguarta, we can guarantee that the printed colors retain their quality and harmony from what you see on screen!

Using a digital display with a color gamut coverage ratio of 99% Adobe RGB, every creation is carefully processed so as to make sure that the digital values remain in the range of any printers' color profile.

Additionally, every artwork gets previewed for CMYK as a final check, making absolutely sure that, once printed, all the colors are spot-on.

If printed for a Saul Custom board, the graphics are built-in under a protective exterior layer that shields it from UV, scratches and other potential damage factors.

The images below show how our approach assures accurate results for print.

Typical RGB digital vs CMYK printed colors

Corrected RGB digital vs CMYK printed colors

Home delivery

Finished boards are carefully packed and shipped to you. Don't forget to remove the protective cover and enjoy!