Custom kiteboard project development

When choosing for Aguarta's design on a custom board, this is how it goes:

  1. Contact us for a free assessment of the graphic design you're looking for, both in artistic and practical terms.

  2. We meet again to make sure it is according to your expectations.

  3. Once complete, the graphic files are either:

  1. printed and directly built within your new custom board, when choosing for Saul Custom Boards. They are then protected by an external layer against UV decolorisation and scratches. The boards are home delivered.

  2. delivered online in digital format of choice, if you choose another board manufacturing company or for another purpose.

Each custom board graphic project costs 495 euros (VAT included).

To insure total creative freedom, the price stays the same for any custom board project, no matter the difficulty level for the artist.

Please note that the board prices on Saul's website include the construction only without artistic service.

Find out more on our kiteboards and Included features pages.

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